Reprocessed broadband MC3D from the Barents Sea

Geoprovider sent a press release with images of its first multi-client reprocessed 3D seismic dataset in the Western Barents Sea.

Overview of area. Map: Geoprovider.

The reprocessed broadband data covers 900 km2 of the Veslemøy High. Geoprovider sees proof of a working petroleum system and interesting prospects related to a reported 340 km2 mega-closure.

Rotated fault-block with possible Intra-Paleogene flat spot (expronews on-the-go interpretation), scale not given. The 7319/12-1 (Pingvin) gas discovery was made in the same reservoir setting with a similar flatspot in the Torsk Fm, an expronews reader told us, confirmed by the NPD Factpages. Example of reprocessed 3D from Geoprovider.

The company further state that – Strong direct hydrocarbon indicators have been confirmed using angle stacks, gathers and multiple models. A full prospect evaluation, including advanced mud gas analysis, supports the presence of high-value targets, to feed into the new infrastructure of the Barents Sea.