PGS kicks off their MC season in NWEurope this week

Ramform Tethys to acquire a 3D MultiClient survey offshore East Shetland before heading to the Norwegian Barents Sea.

The industry-funded project offshore East Shetland will cover both frontier and mature areas where new broadband seismic is needed to enable the interpretation of the internal reflectors of the main Brent Group reservoir level.

The survey aims to reveal which parts are remnant along the major fault between the East Shetland Platform and East Shetland Basin.

PGS claims their East Shetland 2020 dataset will enable derisking of the less tested Upper Jurassic Intra-Draupne sandstone analog of the Home and Magnus sandstones.

State-of-the-art imaging of the fault delineations should significantly improve understanding of the structural traps and will provide important additional intelligence regarding the petroleum system.

Early seismic data results will be out in Q3 and full integrity depth volumes will be available in 2021.

“This area was a popular pick in the UK 31st Round and the survey is our first in the northern hemisphere this season. We will be heading to the Barents Sea afterward. PGS always puts safety first. We have implemented a range of COVID-19 screening, social distancing, and hygiene precautions onboard and for on-signing crew, to safeguard the people and the operation,” says Gunhild Myhr, VP New Ventures Europe at PGS.