PSA gives thumbs-up for two wildcats

Two wildcats are approved by the PSA. Capricorn hunts hydrocarbons in the North Sea and Wintershall continues their temporarily abandoned operation in the Norwegian Sea.

The Petroleum Safety Agency (PSA) in Norway has granted consents for two exploration wells.

These are the Capricorn (now part of Sval Energi) wildcat 35/8-7 S on the Duncan/Terako prospects in PL 880/248 J in the North Sea, and the continuation of the Wintershall DEA‘s wildcat 6406/3-10 on the Bergknapp prospect in the PL 836 S in the Norwegian Sea.

The Duncan prospect is the primary target of the 35/8-7 S, likely aiming for reservoirs in shallow marine sandstones of the Middle Jurassic Brent Group. The Terako prospect is the secondary target, likely in the Late Jurassic Heather Formation.

The Bergknapp well was spudded in early November last year, targeting the Garn, Ile and Tilje Formations of Middle to Lower Jurassic age.

The Bergknapp wildcat was temporarily suspended earlier this year. Bad weather and the loss of a lifeboat on the drilling rig West Mira in January and technicalities in the drilling program stopped the on-going drilling, according to Wintershall DEA. The exploration drilling will now continue.