From Glengorm to Goliat – it’s your chance to hear about it

From Glengorm to Goliat – it’s your chance to hear about it

With more than 300 participants registered for the NCS Exploration - Recent Discoveries conference, the event is geared up to be a success.

When our team embarked on the challenge to transform the seventh NCS – Recent Discoveries Conference into a fully digital event, there was a full awareness of the scale of the task. However, with more than 300 people registered until yesterday, the decision to invest has proven right.

If you are still on the brink of deciding whether to attend or not, here is a quick recap of why it’s worth considering:

  • This conference is a must for the up and coming generation in order to familiarise with the geological plays currently being chased on the NCS,
  • Going digital means that this conference is the perfect opportunity to allow more staff to participate,
  • The format is ideal for ideal for gathering explorationists meeting rooms in the company’s own premises, with room for opening up for internal discussions,
  • The conference is available to all delegated until October 25th – allowing all delegates to view sessions they miss during the event.

All major hydrocarbon producing provinces across the Norwegian Continental Shelf will be discussed, as shown on the map below.

We would like to thank all participating companies, the NPD and the filming/audio crew for their tremendous support and flexibility over the past few weeks and are looking forward to immerse ourselves in geology over the next few days to come. Registration for the conference can be done through this link or clicking on the image below.