Enniberg – Small discovery near the Balder field (NCS)Enniberg and Hasselbaink wells next to Balder (inset photo). Map and photo: npd.no

Enniberg – Small discovery near the Balder field (NCS)

Another small discovery in the North Sea next to well-established infrastructure.

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate published a press release today on a small discovery, the 25/7-8 S ‘Enniberg,’ made by operator ConocoPhillips Scandinavia AS (PL 917) near the Balder field in the Norwegian North Sea. Lundin Norway AS, Suncor Energy Norge AS, and Vår Energi AS are partners in the license awarded in APA 2017.

Resources given are relatively small, a span of recoverable 1 – 5 million Sm3 o.e. (6,3 to 31,5 mmboe) from a 5 m interval within a 28 m thick sandstone package of the Lower Jurassic Nansen Fm, a 6 oil-and-gas column in 11 m of Lower Jurassic Eiriksson Fm sandstone, and an 8 m gas column in the Triassic Skagerrak Fm where the TD was set at 3188 m vertical depth.

Also, the secondary target Middle Jurassic Sleipner Fm came in with three thin gas-bearing layers,  3 m in total. The last secondary target, Jurassic Hugin Fm, was water-wet.

The rig Leiv Eiriksson continues with another ConocoPhillips well in the same license, the 25/7-9 S ‘Hasselbaink‘ just a few km away. The commercialization of Enniberg is likely dependent on the result from this well.