Discovery in Total’s HPHT wildcat Isabella

Resource estimates are not given, but the Isabella prospect was considered one of the largest undrilled exploration opportunities in the Central North Sea.

Total encountered hydrocarbons in Upper Jurassic and Triassic sandstone reservoirs, with 64 metres net pay encountered, consisting of lean gas and condensate and high-quality light oil, according to the press release.

While analysis of the results is ongoing, the initial findings show significant promise. TD was set at 5,557 metres.

Outline of the Isabella prospect. Figure: Ithaca.

According to partner Ithaca, 30/12d-11 (Isabella) was drilled as a gas-condensate prospect, defined as a four-way dip closed structure, with the updip part stratigraphically trapped against the Jane diapir.

Jim House, CEO of Neptune Energy, said in the press release that: “Having acquired our interest in the exciting HPHT Isabella prospect in 2018, the result further strengthens our growing UK portfolio and demonstrates the significant remaining hydrocarbon potential in the region.”

The operator in the license P1820 is Total, other partners are Ithaca and Euroil Exploration.