Bacchus exploration well disappoints

Bacchus exploration well disappoints

But sidetrack is ongoing, targeting a less risky compartment of the field.

As reported by Westwood and Energy Voice last week, the Bacchus 22/06c-B4 well in the UK Central North Sea came in dry after finding water-wet Fulmar sand in the Bacchus South prospect. It is likely that trap breach or a lack of migration form the main explanations as to why the prospect was dry, according to further information supplied by Westwood.

Even though the OGA carried the well as a development well, given that it targeted a separate compartment we already argued last month that the well may equally be seen as an exploration hole.

Apache and partners have not given up the well yet, as they are currently drilling sidetrack (22/06c-B4Y), targeting the Bacchus Far East prospect. This prospect is considered a less risky target and a shorter step out from the main field, again according to information supplied by Westwood.