APA 2019 kick offProposal for APA 2019 extension (map NPD)

APA 2019 kick off

Norway’s Ministry of Petroleum and Energy has started the Awards in predefined areas licensing round on the NCS for 2019.

The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy proposes to add 90 new blocks to the APA area. These blocks are divided between 48 in the Barents Sea, 37 in the Norwegian Sea and 5 in the North Sea. The Awards in Predefined Areas (APA) are announced every year and comprise the mature parts of the shelf, with known geology and good infrastructure.

More than half of the proposed blocks are in the Barents Sea. “It is important to maintain the positive development in the exploration activity in the Barents Sea. I hope this will contribute to robust development solutions and increased value creation in the north.” comments Oil and Energy minister Kjell-Børge Freiberg.

Now there is a public hearing round where only input is asked whether new information is available, which is relevant for the decision where petroleum activity can take place.

Read here the Government’s press release in Norwegian. Maps over the proposed APA area extension can be found here.