Aker BP adjusts its managementEvy Glørstad becomes Director Exploration & Reservoir in Aker BP. Photo: Aker BP

Aker BP adjusts its management

Aker BP makes changes to top management as a result of reduced activity levels.

From October 2020, Evy Glørstad will become director of the new Exploration & Reservoir business area.

At the same time, Ole-Johan Molvig, current director of Reservoir, will step down from Aker BP’s senior management.

The changes are made as a result of a reduced level of activity and an ongoing need to adjust the organizational structure of the company, reports Aker BP.

-We see oil prices likely to remain low over time. Aker BP is proactive in this regard, reducing the level of activity and reorganizing these two areas to best utilize the company’s total expertise, says Karl Johnny Hersvik, CEO.

Glørstad holds a doctorate in petroleum geology / sedimentology and has broad experience as a geologist from BP in both Norway and the USA.

She has held a number of management positions since joining Aker BP.

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