OGA releases final UKCS Regional Geological MapsBase map for OGA’s UK Stratigraphy Charts. Source: OGA

OGA releases final UKCS Regional Geological Maps

The final geographic series covers the West of Shetlands, Rockall Trough, Irish Sea and Cardigan Bay. In addition, a single merged set of maps and databases for the whole of the UKCS is now available.

As part of the OGA’s published 2018/19 Activity Plan, the OGA is publishing a set of regional geological maps for the whole of the UKCS.

The products are available in both ArcGIS and Open Source formats: depth structure maps, isochore maps, structural elements maps, depositional facies maps, reservoir distribution maps, well penetration maps, hydrocarbon occurrence maps, drill stem tests, well tops (Groups, Formation and Members) and sand data (N/G, sand thickness).

The maps produced by Lloyd’s Register, mark the culmination of a 3-year project, which has delivered a set of high quality digital, updateable, regional geological maps and associated databases for all the UK’s offshore basins.

The UKCS Regional Geological Maps project incorporated data from partners such as CGG, TGS, PGS and the BGS (British Geological Survey) plus cross-border data from the PAD (Petroleum Affairs Division, Ireland), TNO (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research) and Jardfeingi (Faroese Geological Survey).

The project has also benefited from collaboration with research teams from Heriot-Watt University, the University of Aberdeen and Durham University who undertook OGA-funded Frontier Basin Research post-doctoral projects – based around the OGA’s 2D Government seismic data – in the frontier areas of the Mid North Sea High, Rockall Trough and SW Approaches.