GAIA – A new Exploration Platform

GAIA – A new Exploration Platform

Schlumberger introduces a new digital platform that uses the latest technological developments to accelerate hydrocarbons recovery.

The GAIA platform will be an excellent tool for exploration teams to rapidly discover and access basin-scale data and ranking their exploration opportunities.

GAIA uses the power of the DELFI* E&P cognitive environment to access data available from Schlumberger and other E&P industry data providers.

The DELFI environment deploys digital technologies including security, analytics and machine learning, high-performance computing (HPC) and Internet of Things (IoT) to improve operational efficiency and optimize production at lower costs per barrel.

According to Schlumberger, it will provide a new way of working for asset teams by strengthening integration between geophysics, geology, reservoir engineering, drilling and production teams.

The user will have a personalised experience on the platform, allowing him to visualise, discover and interact with all available data in a region or basin without compromising resolution and scale. Through GAIA, the client companies can manage their exploration portfolios in line with their corporate strategies.

GAIA is a massive data library with access to more than 3 million km2 of 3D seismic surveys, 3 million km of 2D seismic lines, and other exploration data types from our partner network of leading seismic and well data providers.

GAIA is a cloud platform, benefiting from all security standards regarding data encryption, single sign-on and 24/7 security monitoring. The services combine high-performance digital map for global data discovery and game-changing 3D visualisation with streaming of basin-scale subsurface data.

The platform includes three workflows: GAIA Earth – identify areas of interest, GAIA Viz – collaboratively screen the subsurface and GAIA Pro – evaluate exploration opportunities.

GAIA Earth. Source: Schlumberger

GAIA Viz. Source: Schlumberger

GAIA Pro. Source: Schlumberger