AI to assist the seismic workflowSource: Geoteric

AI to assist the seismic workflow

Geoteric launched its new integrated AI Fault Interpretation Service

Geoteric brings a hands-on service for geoscientists to integrate and adopt AI/ machine learning/ deep learning techniques in their structural seismic interpretation of faults and associated features. The AI platform will work closely with the interpreter, delivering results that can be quired and QC’d, increasing confidence in the interpretation.

Jan Grimmes, Chairman of Geoteric declared that so far only theoretic examples of how these services can be used have been presented, and Geoteric is ready to break the ice and lift the lid on the black box.

The AI platform is up and running, already providing positive results with time save up to 70% on small projects and greater wins on larger ones.

Complex structure revealed in detail using AI. Source: Geoteric