Yme New Development will reactivate oil productionLotos to exploit the potential of the Yme field. Source: Lotos

Yme New Development will reactivate oil production

Repsol and partners move forward with the re-development of the Yme field, by installing a Caisson Permanent Support structure.

The Yme field located in the southeastern part of the North Sea in PL316 comprises of two separate main structures, Gamma and Beta, which are 12 km apart. Discovered in 1987, oil is present in sandstone reservoirs of Middle Jurassic age, belonging to Sandnes Fm.

The PDO was approved in 1995, with production starting in 1996, but ceased in 2001, because the operation of the field was no longer regarded as profitable by Statoil (Equinor).

Yme was the first field on the NCS to be considered for redevelopment after being shut down.

In 2006 Talisman took ownership of the field and a PDO for redevelopment was approved in 2007. The development concept was a new mobile offshore production unit (MOPU). Production was expected to start in 2010 but due to several delays and structural issues with the MOPU, production was abandoned, and the platform removed and discarded in 2016.

After buying Yme from Talisman in 2015, Repsol becomes the new owner and in March 2018, an amended PDO for the redevelopment of Yme was approved.

The PDO includes a leased jack-up rig equipped with drilling and production facilities and re-use of existing facilities on the field. The plan is to re-use the nine wells pre-drilled in 2009-2010 and to drill six additional wells. A new subsea template is planned to be installed nearby the existing template on the Beta structure.

The Caisson Permanent Support structure was successfully installed at Yme field in July and is supporting the wellhead caisson to the existing subsea storage tank. The wellhead module is planned to be transported to Yme in Q3 2019, and the jack-up rig is scheduled to depart the yard for transport in Q4 2019.

First oil is expected in Q2 of 2020 with the maximum plateau oil production estimated to be 38.000 boe per day. According to Repsol, an estimated 65 MMboe are to be recovered within the next ten years.

Repsol (55% stake) is now the operator of the Yme field, with Lotos(20%), Kufpec (15%), and OKEA (10%) as license partners.