UKCS: Volumetric updates at West Newton A-2Geological section through West Newton. Source: Reabold Resources

UKCS: Volumetric updates at West Newton A-2

Following well test results, Rathlin Energy (UK) re-evaluated the volumetrics of the West Newton Kirkham Abbey reservoir, that now contains 146.4 MMbbl STOIIP and 37 MMboe GIIP base case.

Based on the well and test data, and subsequent analysis to date, Rathlin Energy (the operator) has provided updated volumetric estimates for two scenarios, a Base Case and an Upside Case.

The Upside Case places volumetrics at 283 MMbbl STOIIP and 47 MMboe GIIP.

Basis for Re-Evaluation of the Kirkham Abbey Reservoir

  • Differing rock volumes, porosities and saturations, based on direct measurement and analogue data, has been used in arriving at the in-place hydrocarbon estimates;
  • Evaluation of drilling results from the West Newton A-2 well, particularly the revised petrophysical, fluid saturation, sedimentological and diagenetic analyses;
  • Identification of the oil leg in the Kirkham Abbey reservoir in the West Newton A-2 well, based on geochemical analysis of the gas and fluid samples, core fluorescence and surface samples, including results obtained from the Pulsed-neutron Raptor tool;
  • 28-metre core sample through the Kirkham Abbey interval, which yielded important sedimentological and depositional data and core analysis.

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