UKCS: Attempt to recover heavy oilConceptual illustration of a Downhole Steam Injection Valve. Source: Pragma Well Technology

UKCS: Attempt to recover heavy oil

Pharis Energy hopes to become the first operator in the world to use steam flooding for heavy oil recovery.

Crondall Energy’s engineers will develop and assess facilities and subsea configurations as well as various oil separation and artificial lift technologies to determine an optimum solution for the development.

Pilot field

The field is located on the Western Platform, central North Sea, being positioned outside of the Central Graben hydrocarbon kitchen, at the end of the migration route.

Upper Jurassic Maturity map with Pilot field location. Source: Pharis Energy

According to Pharis, Pilot is estimated to contain 240 MMbbls of proven plus probable oil-in-place, of which around 60 MMbbls will be recoverable in a hot waterflood scenario whilst 113 MMbbls could be expected to be recovered in a steam flood.

Pilot field geological cross-section. Source: Pharis Energy

Pharis Energy holds a 100% interest in PL2244, which covers the Pilot Main, Pilot South and Harbour fields. Pilot was first discovered by Fina in 1989 and it has since been appraised with seven reservoir penetrations, including a horizontal well test that flowed more than 1,800 bopd from a short horizontal well.

The Eocene Tay Sandstone formation forms the reservoir in the Pilot field and is interpreted as being deposited in a deep-marine, turbiditic environment, as slope-edge fans.

Tay Sandstone Fairway map. Source: RPS ichron

Reservoir quality is excellent: gross reservoir thicknesses of 60-100 m, net to gross ratios of 85-90%, porosities average around 34% and excellent permeability of 2-8 darcies.

Ponded turbidite model developed by Fina with sedimentological input from Badley Ashton. Source: Pharis Energy

The reservoir is dip closed to the East and North, bounded by facies change to the South and there is a stratigraphic pinch out to the West.

Seismic Inline over Pilot Main. Source: Pharis Energy