UK: Horse Hill hits 60,000 barrels of oil productionUKOG asset portfolio map. Source: UKOG

UK: Horse Hill hits 60,000 barrels of oil production

UK Oil and Gas announced that, in preparation for the start of the Horse Hill-2/2z Portland drilling program, the test production was switched successfully from the Portland to the deeper Kimmeridge oil pool.

The Horse Hill discovery, part of licences PEDL137 and PEDL246, is operated by Horse Hill Developments Ltd (“HHDL”), where UKOG holds 50.64% majority interest.

The HH-1 oil discovery well is located on the northern side of the Weald Basin in southern England, with reservoirs in the Upper Jurassic Kimmeridge Limestone and Portland Sandstone.

Seismic section Line C 80-130 Horse Hill. Source: UKOG

The overlying Portland Sandstone flowed 35-degree API gravity oil at a stable pumped rate of 323 bopd.

Two naturally-fractured limestone members within the Kimmeridge section, known as KL3 and KL4, flowed 40 degrees API oil, at an aggregate stabilised natural flow rate of 1,365 bopd with no clear indication of depletion.

The Kimmeridge Limestone rock intervals are extensively naturally-fractured in HH-1, enhancing the rock’s ability to enable oil to flow into a well at good rates. Consequently, the well does NOT require the use of the artificial “fracking”.

Top Portland Sandstone Depth map, showing oil down to (ODT). Source: UKOG

Phase 2 Kimmeridge test production is planned to continue throughout the drilling of HH-2/2z except for two short shut-ins to enable the moving of oil storage tanks and installation of the drilling rig.