Putting 32 MMboe on streamLocation of the Utgard field in relation to the Sleipner field centre. Source Equinor

Putting 32 MMboe on stream

The Norwegian giant, Equinor, has received green light from NPD to start production at the Utgard field in the North Sea.

The Utgard field is located in the central North Sea, straddling the sector boundary between Norway and the UK, only 20 km west of the Sleipner field centre.

Equinor estimates the expected total sales volume at 10.76 MMboe (condensate), 17.04 MMboe (gas) and 4.11 MMboe (NGL), making a total of 31,91 MMboe.

Consent for start-up of Utgard is granted to PL046E and PL046F on the Norwegian shelf and in P312 on the UK shelf.

Utgard was discovered in 1982, and the plan for development and operation (PDO) was approved in 2017.

The reservoir contains gas (high CO2 content, ca. 16%) and condensate, possibly over a thin oil zone, in good quality sandstones in the Hugin Formation of Middle Jurassic age, at a depth of 3,700 m.

Utgard will be produced by pressure depletion.

The production will take place from two wells from a subsea template linked to the Sleipner T process platform with a pipeline and a communications cable. Modifications have also been made on Sleipner T to process the wellstream from Utgard.

The Sleipner fields with existing infrastructure. Source: Equinor

Approximately NOK 2.7 billion will be invested in the field development, with production planned to start-up in September 2019.