NCS: Infrastructure well suited for explorationSnefrid Nord – Aasta Hansteen location. Source: NPD

NCS: Infrastructure well suited for exploration

Estimated recoverable resources of 27.5 MMboe and some condensate are to be produced in a span of five-six years. Snefrid Nord gas field is the first discovery tied back to Aasta Hansteen field.

On 1 September Equinor and its partners started production from the Snefrid Nord gas field.

The combined reserves of Aasta Hansteen and Snefrid North are estimated at 353 MMboe.

Production from Snefrid Nord will extend the plateau production at Aasta Hansteen by almost a year. On plateau, Snefrid Nord will produce 0.025 MMboe.

Aasta Hansteen came on stream in December 2018. Less than a year later Snefrid Nord is tied back to the field.

The Aasta Hansteen field initially comprised three separate discoveries: Luva (1997), Haklang and Snefrid South (1998).

Seismic example from the Aasta Hansteen area in the Norwegian Sea. Source: PGS

Well 6706/12-2 was drilled to test the Snefrid Nord prospect on the Nyk High in the Norwegian Sea. The primary objective was to prove movable hydrocarbons (gas) in the Upper Cretaceous Nise Formation.

The well encountered a gas column of 103.4 m and an oil column of 6 m within the Nise Formation.

It cost around NOK 1.2 billion to develop Snefrid Nord.

The concept includes one well in a subsea template tied back to the Aasta Hansteen field by a pipeline and an umbilical.

The template is installed at a water depth of 1,309 m, making Snefrid Nord the deepest field development on the NCS.

Siri Espedal Kindem, Senior VP for Operations North at Equinor, comments “There are several interesting prospects and discoveries around us. The new infrastructure makes it possible to develop them and more attractive to explore around the platform and along the pipeline. There is high exploration activity and several discoveries already in the area.”

She is confident that Equinor can develop the deep-water pioneer in the Norwegian Sea into something much more than the fields currently on stream.