NCS: 10 more years for Troll B

Troll B in the North Sea has been granted extended life until 2030.

So far, more than one billion barrels of oil have been produced.

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate reports that they have given operator Equinor and the other Troll licensees consent to a 10-year extension of the life of the Troll B facility in the Norwegian North Sea.

Troll contains very large gas resources and is also one of the largest oil producing fields on the Norwegian continental shelf.

The field has two main structures: Troll East and Troll West.

Since the start of production, Troll has delivered just over six billion barrels of oil equivalent.

Since 1995, Troll B has produced more than one billion barrels.

The extension of Troll B is included as one of the possible solutions for further development of production from the gas enclosure in Troll Vest, which is phase three of the Troll development.

– Extended operation of Troll B ensures the basis for good resource management of significant oil and gas resources from the gigantic Troll field, says Arvid Østhus, Deputy Director of the North Sea in Development and Operations in the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate.

The licensees have carried out several seismic surveys in the Troll field, and the results from the processing of the latest data, which was carried out last summer, will help to provide new well targets.

The well targets can be drilled from the subsea boundaries associated with Troll B.

The development of Troll consists of three phases; the first was gas production from Troll East, the second oil production from Troll West provinces. The third phase, with production starting in 2021, includes the gas enclosure in Troll West.

License holders in Troll are Petoro (56 percent), Equinor (30.58 percent), Shell (8.10 percent), Total (3.69 percent) and ConocoPhilips (1.62 percent).