From New York to Bergen

From New York to Bergen

FREYR's plan to produce batteries from five factories necessitates supply of critical metals that may have to be found in the deep ocean.

On July 8, the Norwegian company FREYR was listed on the New York stock exchange. On October 20-21, the company will present at Deep Sea Minerals 2021 in Bergen.

As exploring for deep sea mineral resources is now imminent, GeoPublishing has taken the initiative to host an international conference on October 20 and 21 this year concerning – among other key topics – the need for critical minerals. If circumstances allow, the conference will take place as a physical event in Bergen, Norway.

According to their own website, FREYR offers “a clean solution to the rapidly growing global demand for high-density and cost-competitive battery cells for stationary energy storage (ESS), electric mobility, and marine applications”.

As a future producer of batteries, with five factories planned in the Mo i Rana industrial complex in Northern Norway, FREYR will need an abundance of metals. Tom Einar Jensen, CEO at FREYR, will therefore take part in the session THE NEED FOR (CRITICAL) MINERALS together with Karen Hanghøy, Director at the British Geological Survey and Frances Wall, Professor at Camborne School of Mines, University of Exeter.

The backdrop is of course that demand for mineral raw materials is increasing as a result of population growth, rising living standards, urbanisation and, more recently, the transition to a low-carbon economy, while the land-based mining industry faces numerous challenges including rising costs, reducing ore grades and declining discovery rates of new deposits.

Exploitation of deep sea minerals may be part of the solution. “Deep Sea Mining may be imminent“. “The Deep Sea: A Potential Copper Mine

Bergen, October 20-21: See the full conference programme here.