Deep sea mining in the spotlightProfessor Rolf Birger Pedersen.

Deep sea mining in the spotlight

As Equinor announces its ambition to become a net-zero energy company by 2050, we are reminded that minerals are desperately needed for the green shift.

Late this fall, the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate completed a five-week expedition on the Mohn Ridge in the Norwegian Sea. The purpose was to secure samples of mineral deposits in the deep sea.

According to NPD, the deposits include metals and minerals that are important for battery and wind turbines technology, which are both extremely important for the green shift.

In a recent press release Equinor has announced its ambition to eliminate emissions from production and final consumption of energy. At the same time, the company outlined a value-driven strategy for significant growth within renewables.

The conference NCS Exploration Strategy – November 18.-19. – will address several aspects of deep-sea mining, including formation of minerals, exploration technology, potential resources and technological challenges.

Talks will be given by University of Bergen, Equinor, Loke Marine Minerals, AdepthMinerals, NTNU and the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate.

See the programme.

For those who want to attend the Deep Sea Minerals session only, a discounted price is available.