Honoured for Deep Sea Minerals initiativeStåle Rodahl, Green Minerals’ Executive Chairman. Photo: Screendump from 50 Global Leaders.

Honoured for Deep Sea Minerals initiative

Initiatives about extracting the minerals needed for a Green Transition is being recognized as driving positive change in our world.

Bloomberg Media has since 2011 published a ranking of the 50 Most Influential with “the ability to move markets or shape ideas and policies”.

In this year’s ranking, Ståle Rodahl and Green Minerals (geo365.no: “Fra seismikk til mineraler“) are beeing honoured as one of those “who drive positive change in our world”. Moreover, it is said that they “aren’t just finding solutions, but are breaking barriers, innovating, and inspiring”.

“These leaders set direction, build an inspiring vision, and provide deep insights into issues and trends in a globalised world.”

“Globally, the mining industry is mired in a self-reinforcing spiral of ever increasing environmental footprint to extract the marginal tonnes of mineral as ore grades decline, deforestation increases and waste per tonne ore increases. A previously untapped wealth of high-grade resources has been discovered offshore on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, and Green Minerals is making the most of this discovery to demonstrate its revolutionary new methods of resource gathering.”

GLOBAL 50 LEADERS article: Green Minerals: Producing Minerals in a Sustainable Manner Using Deepwater Techniques

To the website 50 GLOBAL LEADERS, Green Minerals’ Executive Chairman, Ståle Rodahl, explains the company mission: To bring the resources needed for the green shift to the market, and to do so in a sustainable and responsible manner.”

“Deepwater technologies deployed at immense depths above 1500 metres are the key to Green Minerals’ success. As a result, Green Minerals is working to define, quantify and innovate the necessary developments to extract minerals at even further depths, and in a manner that is sustainable.”

See the video from 50 GLOBAL LEADERS here (5 min 49 sec).

Ståle Rodahl will explain the company strategy in October at the conference Deep Sea Minerals 2021:Enabling the Green Shift”.