Securing extra volumes for DvalinDvalin @DEA

Securing extra volumes for Dvalin

DEA and partners have aligned their equities in PL 211 containing the Dvalin North prospect.

DEA announced a deal with Edison and Petoro to align the partners and equities in PL 211 with the Dvalin license PL 435 in order to simplify a future development. The PL 211 and PL 435 Dvalin partnership is now: DEA Norge AS, operator (55%), Petoro (35%) and Edison Norge AS (10%).

The main target in PL 211 is the Dvalin North prospect (formerly Henry), 10km north of Dvalin. An exploration well is planned for 2020.

Location of Dvalin North (map DEA)


The Dvalin gas field in the Norwegian Sea, previously known as Zidane was discovered in 2010 by well 6507/7-14S. A gas-bearing reservoir with a thickness of 150 metres was encountered in the Garn and Ile formation. A second gas-bearing reservoir with a thickness of 140 metres was discovered in 2012 with a second exploration well 6507/7-15S (Dvalin West) in the Lange, Garn. Ile and Tilje Formation.

Dvalin is estimated to hold around 18 billion standard cubic meters of gas. Dvalin will be tied back to Heidrun and first gas is expected in 2020.

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The transactions are dependent on approvals from authorities and are expected to be completed by 1st July, 2019.