New NPD senior management teamSource: NPD

New NPD senior management team

Today the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate announced the names of the six new directors of the senior management team, selected from a group of 150 applicants.

The Director General Ingrid Sølvberg said: “I am extremely glad to have such capable people on the team, their expertise and management experience will be a good contribution as the new organisation is formed, further developed and operated in the years to come.”

Whilst the new candidates will start this autumn, the current management will continue to function until the end of the year.

Torgeir Stordal (58) will head up the geoscience, technology and co-existence division. Currently the Director of Exploration in NPD, he is very much an industry-insider. His role will focus on geo and reservoir-technical and technical facility assessments, seabed minerals, co-existence at sea, emissions and discharges to the environment, fiscal metering audits and research and technology cooperation.

Kalmar Ildstad (56) will be Director of Exploration, production and area development. He will monitor exploration and production activities on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, including access to acreage, area development and licence administration. He has been with the NPD since 1989 and is currently the acting Director of development and operations.

May Karin Mannes (54) will head up the NCS analysis and data management division. This includes resource accounts, prognoses, NCS analysis, shelf and data management and international work. She is currently a director with the British consultancy firm Timera Energy and has a strong background in gas and LNG sales.

Erik Garshol (48) will occupy the post of Director of Organisation and IT. Coming from an HR strategy role in Equinor, he is well positioned to take responsibility for organisational and management development, HR and wage policy, finance, building management and IT operations and development.

Ola Anders Skauby (47) will take up the role of Director Communications and Public affairs. Having been with Equinor for twelve years, he held a variety of positions in communication, including press spokesperson and director of communications. His main responsibilities will include external and internal communication, media relations and profiling.

Kristin Reitan Husebø (56) will be the Director of framework, performance management and improvement. She comes form a role as Managing Director of Greater Stavanger, which is an inter-municipal industrial and commercial development company in the Stavanger region. She has held this position for the last fie years. In NPD, she will be responsible for legal framework and regulatory development, performance management and coordination of improvement and efficiency efforts.