expronews.com is the only online news provider for the oil and gas industry with a strong focus on the subsurface. Our main focus is Northwest Europe, although we do mean to keep an eye of what is happening in the rest of the world. Our ambition is to give our readers up to date information on what is happening in exploration and production, including updates of well-results, transactions and company news. We will also closely follow developments in technology and give our readers a good understanding of the oil and gas resource base. ∼ 5'000 visitors / month > 8'000 sessions / month > 320 newsletter subscribers expronews.com is published by Norway-based GeoPublishing AS. GeoPublishing - Sharing geoknowledge through our popular geoscience magazine GEO, geo365.no, geoforskning.no, and expronews.com, and creating meeting places for the geoscience community through our conferences; NCS Exploration, NCS Strategy and DIGEX. Award-winning journalism  2013 - Toffenprisen Geological Society of Norway 2008 Norwegian Geophysicists Honorary Award The Norwegian Petroleum Society 2007 Honorary Award The Norwegian Mining Society 2004 AAPG Journalism Award American Association of Petroleum Geologists The founder of GeoPublishing, Halfdan Carstens, cand. real in geology, has been awarded several prizes for your journalism and important work in the industry. GEO Magazine GEO is the leading geoscience and reference magazine for the Norwegian geoscience community.


Through our events company Geonova AS, we organize seminars and conferences for the geoscience community:
  • NCS Exploration - Recent Discoveries (biennially)
  • NCS Exploration - Recent Advances in Exploration Technology (biennially)
  • NCS Exploration Strategy (annually)
  • DIGEX - The Digital Subsurface (annually)
  • Hydrocarbon Habitats - our seminar series


Our team

Halfdan Carstens Editor in Chief Terje Solbakk Senior Editor Ronny Setså Online Editor Toril Leite Manager Business Development Ingvild Ryggen Carstens General Manager