Oil and Gas are here to stay

Oil and Gas are here to stay

This is why it is necessary for all explorationists to preach the message that we need to continue to explore on the NCS.

Nicholas Ashton, Head of Exploration Norway & UK with Equinor, started out his presentation at the NCS Exploration Strategy conference in Stavanger last week by expressing concerns over the predicted gap between oil & gas demand and oil & gas supply.
As very few are actually aware of this, he urged the audience to convey this extremely important message to “all people we meet” outside the exploration community.
His concern is that we will run out of fossil fuels long before we are able to replace oil, gas and coal with renewable energy. This is why we need to continue to explore on the NCS and make many new discoveries.

“Oil and gas are here to stay,” Nicholas Ashton concluded.

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    Claes Gustafsson 7 months ago

    Interested in abiotic gas from Siljanring

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    Geir Aaslid 7 months ago

    Ashton burde henvende seg til sin egen ledelse i Statoil/Equinor.
    Selskapets skandaløse satsning i blindgatene sol og vind skaper et feilaktig inntrykk av at framtidens energibehov kan dekkes av disse sektorene.
    Selskapet burde starte med å sørge for at alle i ledelsen leser og videreformidler budskapet i Epsteins “Moral case for fossil fuels”

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